Last Monday, I was called in for a fitting at Sony Pictures. It was just me and one other model who were booked to work a party scene later in the week. If you've never been on a studio lot, it's very big and just a bit like a labyrinth. Luckily I had a buddy, and we found our way rather quickly.

The first episode of 'Rake' was already underway, shooting on Stage 12. We met with our A.D. and were escorted to the wardrobe department, where the most important thing is tea time, and then on to hair and makeup. It was at the end of the two hour process that we entered the sound stage and watched the current scene being filmed. Everyone was quite kind considering the chaos of filming a new show. It was a short day that resulted in some lovely introductions and a rather comfortable outfit for Friday's shoot.

Fun fact about the film industry. Everything changes constantly. Thursday evening I was given a call time of 8:30 am, which is a pretty late call actually. Later that night it switched to 10:30 am, and at five in the morning I was told to be there at 1:12 pm. Note to anyone who wants to get into film, never plan to do something else on a day you're booked. It doesn't work out.

So we meet at Beverly Connection at one in the afternoon, are shuttled to base camp in West Hollywood, and then to catering and up to set in the Hollywood Hills. As per usual, we are spending the day at a gorgeous mansion with a view of the entire city. (Some days I really love my job.) Then we go eat lunch, which is more like Thanksgiving dinner, and shuttle back up to set to start the shoot around 4:30 pm.

Turns out the guest star of the episode is Chasty Ballesteros, a beautifully talented actess who I also worked with on 'American Lie'. (If you don't know who I'm talking about, look her up. You'll be happy you did.) I also know two of the pool girls and a poker player who are playing in different scenes. This quickly became a day of hanging out with great friends doing what we love. Can't let any major details slip so let's say after some bar scenes, bird's eye views, and breaking up a cat fight, the day was coming to an end. We set down our gingerale champagne, changed out of our elite fashion dress, and wrapped up just before midnight.  

So of all the projects we work on and all the places we go doing this crazy job, why are we all going to watch this one? It's not a series about lawyers bringing someone to justice every week or some self-destructive someone suffering through his drama. It has work, it has personal, and it has ridiculous because that's what we all have. It's funny, it's scandalous, and it will surprise you. If that's not enough, then watch to see one of the greatest directors of all time making a TV show. The brilliant Sam Raimi (Detroit native. Woot!) directs the show. The set is run like a feature film's, and I've never seen anything like it. Like the rest of Raimi's work, 'Rake' is guaranteed to be epic.

Hope you all enjoy, and look out for that catfight.